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Arm your business with security lights, and alarms to deter break-ins and safeguard restricted areas. Business motion detectors, door alarms, indoor sirens and more can help you design the most comprehensive business security system to protect your assets.

Getting Started With Business Alarm and Lighting Security Systems
  • How do business window and door alarm systems work?

    Door alarms install over the seam of a door – opposite the hinges. Half of the sensor is attached to the door frame, while the other half is attached to the door. These halves stay connected magnetically while the door is closed, creating a closed circuit. When the door is opened, the two halves of the sensor come apart, as the magnets are no longer connected, and the circuit is opened up, triggering an alert or alarm. This type of alarm can also be used on windows, referred to as a window alarm.

  • Do I need to connect these devices to a power source?

    No. Swann's window and door alarms, motion sensors, and indoor sirens are all battery powered, allowing for easy installation and optimal placement in your place of business. These devices come with batteries included in the pack.

  • What is a PIR motion sensor?

    A business motion detector mounts onto a wall or into a corner, then detects motion by sensing the heat and motion signature of objects via a PIR (passive infrared) sensor. Once motion is detected, the sensor can trigger a mobile alert, siren, or even recording (depending on the other security devices that are connected).

  • How much range do motion sensors have?

    Swann's Motion Sensors typically detect movement up to 16ft or 5m away.

  • What is a water leak sensor?

    A water leak or flood sensor can protect your business and goods from costly water damage. It has two main components – a receiver unit that is placed high up on a wall, and a sensor unit that is positioned below the receiver in a location subject to water leakage or flooding. The two units are connected by a cable. Once the sensor unit detects water, the receiver unit triggers a response, such as a mobile alert or siren, depending on the devices you have integrated together using the product’s Wi-Fi connection.

  • How do I set up my security alarm accessories?

    Connect your Swann alarm sensors and siren to the Swann Security app via Wi-Fi, then integrate everything together. Your window and door alarm sensors, PIR motion sensors, water leak sirens and indoor sirens can all become important parts of your home security network.

  • What types of security lights are there?

    Many Swann wireless battery, powered wi-fi and wired camera systems have sensor lights included. You can also choose a battery powered sensor light without a camera and/or a powered wi-fi floodlight camera combining a video camera. All of these lights play a powerful security deterrent role as activity triggers the lights to turn on disrupt intruders and unwanted visitors.

  • Do Swann security lighting systems need to be hardwired into my house?

    It depends on the model. Swann offers several floodlight cameras, such as the Slimline Floodlight Security Camera, 4K Floodlight Security Camera, and Wi-Fi Floodlight Security Camera that are designed to be hardwired into the home, replacing existing exterior lights. Our non-camera security lights are wireless for convenience and flexibility.

  • Do all Swann floodlights have cameras built in?

    No, not all of them. Swann offers a mix of floodlight cameras and wireless security lights.

  • Do floodlight cameras use either DVR or NVR recorders?

    No, floodlight cameras are not connected to any recorders. Instead, our camera-enabled security lighting systems send footage directly to the cloud, a MicroSD card, or a combination of both.

  • What smart features are available in Swann floodlight cameras?

    In addition to having crystal-clear 1080p or 4K Ultra HD resolution, our floodlight cameras come with state-of-the-art features like 2-Way Talk, True Detect heat and motion-triggered alerts, Speak to See voice integration with Hey Google and Alexa, controllable brightness and light direction, viewing angles, and more.

  • Are floodlight cameras weatherproof?

    All Swann floodlight cameras are built to withstand the elements for year round security. If you’re concerned about extreme weather conditions, our 4K Floodlight Security Cameras are specially designed to handle harsh elements.