Convenient, Dependable Security with Wireless CCTV Security Systems

Get a secure, industry-leading wireless home security camera system that's innovative and uses rechargeable battery powered wireless cameras for maximum convenience.

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Wireless CCTV Cameras Provide Security with No Strings Attached

These wireless home security cameras use Wi-Fi signals, not ethernet cables, to transmit video and audio to a hub recorder and/or over the internet. This eliminates the need for the security cameras to be hardwired into your home. Simply charge the battery powered security cameras or connect them to a solar panel for constant charging, then mount them anywhere you like within Wi-Fi range.

Getting Started With Wireless Home Security Cameras
  • What are standalone wireless CCTV cameras?

    Stand-alone cameras are wireless home security cameras that don’t connect to NVR (or DVR) recorders. Instead, they save footage directly to the cloud, or in some cases on a MicroSD card. You can access your footage anytime through the Swann Security app.

  • Are wireless home security cameras completely wire free?

    Yes. Wireless home security cameras run off rechargeable batteries and, once charged, can operate completely wire-free. To avoid having to manually recharge, most wireless cameras have the option to connect to a solar charging panel for 'set and forget' constantly-charged operation.

  • How are wireless CCTV cameras different from wired cameras?

    Wired systems require a cabled connection between the cameras and a recorder box. Wireless or wire-free cameras run off rechargeable battery power (or can use solar charging) and also transmit video and audio via Wi-Fi. Most wireless home security cameras transmit directly to the cloud via the internet but some also have a local Wi-Fi connection to power hub.

  • How can I add additional wireless home security cameras to my system?

    Many of our wireless CCTV camera systems, such as the AllSecure series come with two to four cameras, but it’s possible to purchase add-on cameras to expand your surveillance area. These cameras are designed to connect to your existing surveillance system.

  • How do I see the video footage?

    You can see live and recorded video on the Swann Security app. The AllSecure series has a power hub that can connect to a TV for easy video viewing via an HDMI port.

  • How many cameras can I use in a wireless CCTV system?

    The AllSecure series can combine up to 8 wireless cameras. Multiple standalone wireless cameras, such as the Xtreem, can be combined, although it's important your home has enough Wi-Fi bandwidth to accommodate them.

  • What internet speed do I need for a wireless CCTV camera system?

    Wi-Fi enabled Swann devices work well with at least 1Mbps of upload bandwidth, although 2Mbps or greater is ideal.