Cover Every Angle with Add-on Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Build out your NVR security system with powered Wi-Fi add-on cameras, and get even greater protection for your home.

Add-On Powered Wi-Fi Security Cameras

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High-tech features meet easy installation with Add-On Wi-Fi Security Cameras

You can easily add to your Swann Wi-Fi NVR system with add-on powered Wi-Fi security cameras. Plug in to a nearby power source and start capturing footage, and deterring unwanted visitors, with ease.

Getting Started with Add-On Wi-Fi Cameras
  • What are add-on wi-fi security cameras?

    Add-on wi-fi security cameras are additional cameras that can be ‘added on’ to your existing Wi-Fi NVR security system. The Add-On Cameras don’t come with an NVR recorder, but instead connect to the Wi-Fi NVR recorder or hub you already have in place.

  • How many add-on Wi-Fi security cameras can I connect to my Wi-Fi NVR security system?

    The number of security cameras, or channels, that your system can support depends on the recorder.

    Swann's SecureAlert 800 Series and 500 Series Wi-Fi NVR recorders can support up to eight cameras.

    If you’re unsure about your recorder, check to see the number of channel ports it has. Even in Wi-Fi NVR security systems, the number of channel ports will indicate how many cameras your recorder can accommodate.

  • Can any cameras be added to the Swann Wi-Fi NVR Security Systems?

    The only cameras compatible with Swann's SecureAlert 4K 800 Series and 1080p 500 Series Wi-Fi NVR recorders are the Add-on Cameras with item codes SWNVW-800CAM and SWNVW-500CAM.