Home Security Alert Kit with 2 Motion Sensors, 2 Window/Door Sensors & Indoor Siren | SWIFI-ALARMKITA Home Security Alert Kit with 2 Motion Sensors, 2 Window...


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Home Security Alert Kit with 2 Motion Sensors, 2 Window/Door Sensors & Indoor Siren | SWIFI-ALARMKITA

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Wi-Fi Sensors guard against unwanted events and notify you about what is happening quickly. Detect window/door openings & closings, and the movement of people and pets. Connect them to the Indoor Siren to alarm you in real-time, plus you’ll get push notifications to your smart phone. Integrate the Sensors into your home security and protect what matters most. It’s security made smarter - and fee free.
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Now you know!
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Window/Door Alert Sensor x 2 Motion Alert Sensor x 2 Indoor Siren Adhesive Mounting Sticker x 3 Adjustable Mounting Bracket & Hardware x 2 Mounting Screws & Plugs Power Adapter & Cable (for Siren) Batteries AAA x 8 (for Sensors) Quick Start Guide
Peace of Mind from Every Angle
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Swann Security App

Peace of Mind from Every Angle

  • Easy Install
    Connect in minutes
  • No Hub Required
    Easier Setup
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
    Use your home network
  • Battery Powered
    Batteries included (AAA x 2)
  • Weatherproof
    Durable casing for indoor/outdoor use with weather resistant IP66 rating
  • Detect Entry
    Detects the open status of windows and doors
  • Indoor Siren
    Siren Sounds & Lights Up
  • Auto Tiggers
    Sensors detect activity
  • Smartphone Control
    Control sounds using the app
  • Detect Motion
    Wide 110° detection area
  • Warn Intruders
    Indoor Siren emits audible alerts
  • Add Extra Sensors
    Add sensors, cameras & more

Know what's happening from anywhere

Use the Swann Security app to help you stay connected & protected 24/7

Detect movement inside your property

The PIR Motion Sensor detects the heat & movement of people, alerting you with a push notification

Monitor windows, doors & entrances

The Window/Door Sensor alerts you when a monitored window or door is opened
  • Senses Key Movement

    Senses Key Movement

    The Motion Sensors detect the movement you care about - from people & can be mounted inside or outside.
  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    If a door or window is opened, disrupting the magnetic connection between the Window/Door Sensor & Receiver, you can activate/deactivate remotely using the app.
  • Scare Off Intruders

    Scare Off Intruders

    Once paired together, Swann's Wi-Fi Alert Sensors trigger the Siren with audible options for a voice to say "Sensor triggered", sound a 'ding dong' or 'beep beep', or a traditional siren.
  • Perfect for Renters

    Perfect for Renters

    Do-it-yourself with ease. The sensor mounts with double-sided adhesive. No need to drill walls. Ideal for apartments & rental properties.
  • Complete Peace of Mind

    Complete Peace of Mind

    Always know what's happening & be protected with mobile phone notifications & Indoor Siren.
  • Visual Alerts

    Visual Alerts

    Siren can light up for a visual alert with or without sound. Control it all in the app.
  • Build Your Own Security

    Build Your Own Security

    Connect on the Swann Security app & add additional Swann Wi-Fi sensors, cameras & accessories to fit any home, apartment or business for complete security.

Swann Security App

Security in the Palm of your hands
  • Multi-camera live streaming that’s always on
  • Receive alerts when activity is detected
  • See, store & playback footage on your mobile device
  • Set up your devices & add services with ease

Become a Swann Member for More Security

Now you can become a member of Swann’s Secure+ Member plans for a host of extra security benefits including 3 years extended warranty, insurance coverage, special offers & more.


‘Refurbished’ products are complete and in full working condition. They may have previously been used as demo stock or returned from retailers. Products will also be shipped with original content as listed on the packaging. Swann’s technicians have certified the products are ready for use with a 3 month base warranty. Occasionally minor cosmetic scratches and wear may be present.